The Laundry Closet

I love laundry rooms.  I see pictures like these and swoon…

I don’t actually have a laundry room, though; I have the classic accordion-doored laundry closet.  No big deal.  If I had to put square footage somewhere, it probably wouldn’t be in the laundry room anyway. 🙂  Plus, laundry is my chore I am really good at keeping up with, and perhaps I owe that to my lack of a spacious laundry room to let clothes pile up in… it’s all wash it, dry it, fold it, and move it up in here! 🙂  If you too have a laundry closet in your home, then I have a basic transformation to share with you today.  (If you have a laundry room that looks like the dreamy pictures above, go fold clothes in it or something!)

Anyway, when we bought our house this was the online picture of the laundry nook:

(This picture always kind of made me laugh, because all of the pictures of our for-sale house were beautiful and really professional, and I just kind of wondered why the photographers didn’t just pull out the laundry room clutter or at least the hanging clothes when they snapped the photo). Ha. 

We did a very basic re-do when we moved in, and now it looks like this:

– Painted.  (Note: the black cable line in the corner used to be painted over and blend in, but we had to have it replaced.  AND it is still a dead cable line.  Fail.)
– Installed a small storage shelf above the dryer to hold laundry supplies
– Installed an organizational thingy on the right-hand wall for the ironing board and ironing supplies
– Flipped the original white wire shelf upside down and reinstalled at an angle, to hold laundry baskets.  

This last shelf was the part I really wanted to share with you if you are the proud owner of a laundry closet.  My Dad installed a shelf this way in my Mom’s laundry room (as far as I know he thought it up), so I got Matt to put one in ours too.  I took a closer picture of the upside down install, and they had to saw/cut the openings in the support brackets a little and bend a bit to adjust the fit.  (Basically, just play with it to make it work).

*Update: In response to lots of questions regarding this hack: the wire shelf pictured is 20 inches deep (like this oneavailable at Home Depot), and the support brackets are 20 inches (like these, also available at Home Depot).

I am not much of a hamper person.  I prefer to drop off dirty laundry in the laundry room, so having baskets in there was a must.  We use one for lights, one for darks, and one for special wash.  As we add more laundry to our family, I might need to tweak our system (maybe each kid has a hamper in their own room?), but we’ll get there when we get there.

I would love it if Matt would paint back over the new (but still broken!) cable line (hint, hint), and I want to cover up the plug and outlet with a little “lost socks” artwork/system like this one I pinned on pinterest.

And, maybe use some empty wall space in the hallway for a diy drying rack like this one:

Happy laundering!  Any other ideas for laundry closets?

Updated: January 1, 2019 — 5:23 pm