Professional DIY System You Can Replicate to Organize Your Tools

We have a big garage, which is a necessity with all of our home carpentry and craft projects. But we also have mountains of tools, and keeping them organized, easy to find, and within reach has long been something of a nightmare.

Professional DIY System You Can Replicate to Organize Your Tools

In fact, we have used a lot of tips and tricks for organizing our garage (see some of them here), and even created our own tool organizers with this project. While taking these steps has helped to get the chaos under control, we still have never been entirely satisfied with any tool organization system we have used.

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But now I have found a system which I think I am going to love—and I think you are going to love it too! Check out the video:

His finished tool wall has such a neat appearance. You can see where everything is at a glance, and augmenting this system or rearranging it looks very easy. As the video title emphasizes, this is not a French cleat system. The French cleat system is very popular, but it isn’t for everyone. I for one am not a big fan, so it is great for me to discover an alternative like this.

My hubby and I are ridiculously excited to give this a try. Since we have so many tools, it is going to be a big project. But I am confident that it is going to turn out to be well worth the time and effort we invest. Check out the video. You may very well find that this system is exactly what you have been searching for as well!

Updated: December 23, 2018 — 7:19 pm